‘Buy Black’: Target Adds RACIST ‘Black-Owned’ Icons to Products

(Legal Insurrection) Including race labels on products… what could possibly go wrong?

Following the Black Lives Matter riots, major retail chain Target announced it will, “implement icons online to help our guests find and support Black-owned brands and founders when they shop online.”

Fashion rags and even Food Network are applauding the move. From Allure:

Target’s new feature is a small beige badge showcasing several neutral-colored hearts, which the company is using to label all Black-owned and Black-founded brands on its website. The badge appears in the retailer’s “at a glance” category, located within each product page’s details section. There, Target also features badges to identify products that are clean, vegan, and cruelty-free.

This recent effort is a result of Target’s customer feedback, according to a company statement issued to Allure. “We have carried a number of Black-owned brands for years and continue to listen to guests to ensure we offer a compelling and relevant assortment that supports our guests’ needs,” the statement reads. “Based on what our guests are searching for, we have started to implement icons online to help our guests find and support Black-owned brands and founders when they shop online.”

And Food Network:

Months after the start of Black Lives Matter protests across the country, the work toward racial justice isn’t slowing down. We’re continuing to learn more ways to support the Black community. One of the easiest things we can do? Try and incorporate more Black-owned businesses we love into our everyday lives. Now, Target is making that easier than ever. In the “At a Glance” section under products on their website, the big-box store has added a badge that identifies Black-owned or founded brands, such as Partake Foods Cookies and BLK & Bold Coffee.

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