BLM Co-Founder Who Bought $6.3M Mansion Says Money Is ‘Trigger Point’ for Blacks

(The Post Millennial) Speaking to The Guardian, Black Lives Matter co-founder Patrisse Cullors, who went on a mansion-buying spree, claimed that she was the “fall guy” for the organization, “a movement,” she said, that is much bigger than her.

It was in May 2021 that Cullors stepped down as BLM’s executive director. The general public hadn’t heard much from her since then, especially after it was revealed that she spent $6.3 million for a Toronto mansion that formerly belonged to the Communist Party.

Much of the recent controversy surrounding BLM is by the group’s lack of proper IRS filings for their swath of donations. Earlier this month, the controversy surrounding BLM’s improper reporting led the group to be dropped as an official charity.

The California Attorney General went as far as swearing “financial liability” would be pursued. It was only as of Thursday that the state began to allow BLM to fundraise again after an “accounting gimmick” was cleared up. [The same goes for Connecticut, Colorado, New Mexico, and Maine, where the group faced similar problems.]

The pivot in part is being dedicated to Hillary Clinton’s campaign lawyer Marc Elias, who was brought on board earlier on February.

What it boils down is Cullors claiming to be her lack of management skills. She had a breakdown about a January 2022 article that criticized her credibility.

“I think it’s because black people in general have a hard time with money. It’s a trigger point for us,” Cullors told The Guardian

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