BLM Activist Charged with Spending ‘George Floyd’ Donations on Personal Luxuries

(WNWO) Law enforcement has arrested 32-year-old Tyree Conyers-Page, also known as Sir Maejor Page, on federal charges.

According to a release from the FBI Cleveland Division, a complaint filed with the bureau in April alleged that Page was using his “Black Lives Matter of Greater Atlanta” (BLMGA) nonprofit fraudulently.

Investigators discovered that the organization was accepting monetary donations on social media and GoFundMe.

After May, the BLMGA social media page received roughly $36,493.80 worth of donations in June, $370,933.69 in July and $59,914.69 in August, all of which was transferred to the bank account.

Though Page claimed in June that the funds were meant to fight for George Floyd and were not being used for personal purposes, investigations revealed that a debit card linked to the bank account was used to purchase food, dining, entertainment, clothing, furniture, a home security system, tailored suits and accessories…

In September, Page transferred the funds to his personal bank account to purchase a pistol and two rifles.

The FBI also said videos on Page’s social media pages showed him in new clothes, hotel rooms and offices in Atlanta while bragging about his money, tailored suits, cufflinks, “$150 ties” and “my room way up at the top … at the top top …”

Funds in the BLMGA account used for personal purposes were ultimately found to total over $200,000.


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