Billionaire Melinda Gates’ Feminist Philanthropy Ignores the Plight of Males

(National Post) American women have demonstrably transcended glass ceilings in every formerly male-dominated domain on the feminist checklist. By moving feminism’s goalposts further down the field toward utopia, feminist elites preserve and promote the same victimhood narrative.

Melinda Gates, Bill Gates’ wife and philanthropic partner, and one of the most privileged human beings on the planet has, for example, announced that her company, Pivotal Ventures, is committing a billion dollars toward collaboration with new and established partners in “taking innovative and diverse approaches to expanding (American) women’s power and influence.”

Gates believes in affirmative action for women — “fast-tracking” — “in sectors with outsized impact on our society — like technology, media and public office.”

Universities everywhere are already offering women affirmative action — women-only STEM summer schools, women-only scholarships, and other (illegal) entitlements to the point that some are being sued on Title IX grounds.

Melinda needs to take a look at a dramatically eye-opening document, titled “For every 100 girls/Women …” This is a list created in 2011 by Tom Mortenson, senior scholar at the Pell Institute for the Study of Opportunity in Higher Education in Washington, D.C., and updated to 2019 by researcher Mark J. Perry of the American Enterprise Institute.

The chart shows, for example, that: For every 100 women enrolled in U.S. graduate schools, there are 73 men; for every 100 women who earn a doctor’s degree, there are 90 men; for every 100 women who die by opioid overdose, there are 212 men; for every 100 women who are homeless and unsheltered, there are 242 men; for every 100 women aged 20-29 who commit suicide, there are 450 men. For every 100 women who die on the job, there are 1,294 men.

American Enterprise Institute

There are women’s centres and commissions on almost every university campus, but none for men. President Barack Obama created a White House Council on Women and Girls, but refused to create one for boys and men. But according to the data, it is boys and men who are in crisis in our society.

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