Bill Gates Previews COVID’s 2022 Season

(Ben Sellers, Headline USA) Conspiracy theorists have often pointed to the fact that disgraced ex-Microsoft CEO, global depopulationist and Jeffrey Epstein pal Bill Gates sponsored a conveniently timed summit in October 2019, which grappled with the question of what to do if a global pandemic were to break out under circumstances very similar to those of COVID-19.

Gates’s subsequent lucrative investments in vaccine development—and in special subcutaneous dyes used to tattoo people and trace whether they have received said vaccines—have not inspired confidence that his efforts are well-intentioned, any more than have his plans to buy up much of America’s farmland and to blot out the sun.

In the context of his shady activities (no pun intended), Gates’s latest commentary is likely to go over about as well as OJ Simpson’s If I Did It.

Gates appeared on Bloomberg’s NewEconomy Forum to prognosticate over where he sees the pandemic going in light of the most recent medical breakthroughs—particularly, the recent development of oral antivirals by Pfizer and Merck that allow infected patients “immediately to begin presumptive treatment as soon as they test positive.”

That could, in effect, render the current vaccines useless.

Ironically, some have noted the similarities between Merck’s newly rebranded COVID drugs and another drug that it already had on the market: ivermectin.

Gates marveled that, through the miracles of science, “we’ve been able to reformulate [Merck’s antiviral] to get it to be less than $8.”

The combination of COVID defense mechanisms could lead to a major decline before next year’s midterm election, said the oligarch—but with one big catch.

“Between natural immunity, vaccine immunity and these oral treatments that can scale up in a way that the antibodies never did, the death rate and the disease rates oughta be coming down pretty dramatically and by summer getting to be, say, quite a bit lower than the average seasonal flu level is,” Gates said, “assuming there’s no surprise variants—which, right now, the evidence is that’s not that likely, but can never be ruled out.”

That ominous disclaimer may lead some to wonder if the coronavirus is likely to become the next Microsoft Windows, with new versions getting released every couple years and constant unwanted updates that require proprietary patches from the developer.

Despite his recent divorce and murmurings of a sex scandal, Gates has not been keeping a low profile. His Bloomberg appearance was at least the second time this month he’s aroused attention over COVID remarks.

He also spurred a barrage of social-media posts and a Reuters “fact check” for appearing to suggest in a Nov. 5 interview that the vaccines had not been very effective.

“We got vaccines that help you with your health, but they only slightly reduce the transmission,” Gates told former British health secretary Jeremy Hunt. “So, we need a new way of doing the vaccines.”

Whatever the message may be, it’s clear that Gates agrees with Canadian philosopher Jordan Peterson‘s recent assessment that anyone thinking two vaccines jabs will be enough to do their part is delusional.