Biden Policies, COVID Fears May Create ‘Santa’ Shortage

(Molly Bruns, Headline USA) Even Santa is not safe from the Biden administration’s failing policies and the labor shortage and COVID concerns they have created.

In-person holiday events have recommenced after a year lacking festivities; however, there will be fewer Santas this year, the Wall Street Journal reported.

The Santas that are working have upped their hourly rates, while others remain concerned about COVID-19.

“According to the report,” said Fox 13, “Santa-for-hires are earning 12% more this season, which equals up to $50 an hour more for some Claus clones.”

Many Santas are booked through Professional Santa Claus School in Denver. They have reported calls every eight minutes for people in need of Santa. Susan Mesco, who works at the school, said nearly every Santa has been booked for weekend events.

Companies like Zuhoo are working to bring Santas into homes virtually this holiday season.

“COVID definitly hit the santa community hard,” explained Walt Geer, CEO of Zuhoo, on Fox Business. “Most of these guys that play Santa are older and maybe not in the best shape. A lot of them said I don’t want to take a chance of getting sick.

“The beauty of the virtual model,” Gee said, “is that they can work from the comfort and safety of their homes and they can serve families all over the world.”

Geer went on to discuss the difficulties he’s faced when hiring Santas for this new online model.

“Delivering a performance on camera is a little bit different than performing in a retail environment,” he said. “Our Santa performers really have to deliver an experience.”

Virtual visits from the big man cost about $30.


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