Biden Insists Inflation Is Zero

(Molly BrunsHeadline USA) Democrats and their allies in the corporate media claim that the end of inflation is here, despite July’s consumer price index showing an 8.5% increase since 2021.

According to The Federalist, the White House has leapt on the slight decrease from June’s 9.1%, taking credit for “solving” a problem they caused.

Americans did pay more for groceries in July, with prices going up by 1.1% since June. Electricity also went up 1.6% in July, and up 15.2% since 2021.

July’s inflation numbers are six times more than they were when President Joe Biden was inaugurated. But the president claimed that there was no inflation at all in July.

“Our economy had zero percent inflation in the month of July,” Biden said in a press appearance.

This is not true, as energy, oil and gas prices are still up by many percentage points.

The fake news media, however, took the White House talking points and ran with them, publishing several celebratory stories.

CNN claimed that the slightly-lessened inflation pressures—which are still close to record-breaking highs—will provide Americans with “a breather.”

One story published by Axios was titled “Inflation drops to zero in July due to falling gas prices.”

Chief economic correspondent for Axios, Neil Irwin, tweeted about the slightly lowered prices, calling the change “good inflation news.”

Despite this purported victory, Democrats are still taking the time to push for their tax-increase bill to “keep our progress on inflation from getting better—uh, from getting worse.”