Biden Flies $1.7T Omnibus Bill to St. Croix for Signing

(Mark PellinHeadline USA) The president who declared the climate crisis an “existential threat” blew through a huge carbon footprint to fly the $1.7-trillion, 4,155-page omnibus bill to the Virgin Islands, where he could sign it while on yet another vacation, this time in balmy St. Croix, leaving behind a country trying to recover from a deadly winter storm and persistent economic and open border woes.

“A White House Official tells me the Omnibus Bill is in possession of the White House,” reported Fox Business correspondent Edward Lawrence. “It has to be signed by Dec 30th. The Official says at some point it will be transported to St Croix for POTUS to sign to make the Dec 30th deadline.”

Instead of huddling in the White House basement talking to his favorite potted petunia until the bill was ready for his signature, President Joe Biden cut out a day earlier to bask in the sun, prompting the jet-fueled delivery of the monstrous spending package.

The optics of the obnoxiously tone-deaf stunt did not go unnoticed.

“It’s not enough that you’re on the hook for the omnibus and the president’s vacation,” tweeted DC Examiner columnist T. Becket Adams. “You also have to pay for WH staffers to fly the bill to St. Coix, and then pay for them to fly it back.

Adding insult to taxpayer injury, the $1.7-trillion bill that received the jet-set treatment was laden with hundreds of billions of dollars for pet projects and radical leftist agendas, including upwards of $575 million for “family planning” in areas where population growth “threatens biodiversity”.

Despite the deadly chaos at the southern border that Biden left behind on his vacation to St. Croix, the omnibus bill that the president signed prohibits CBP funding from being used to improve border security,” but allocates $410 million towards border security for Jordan, Lebanon, Egypt, Tunisia, and Oman.

“America Last in action,” cracked Rep. Dan Bishop, R-N.C., who also blistered the Biden regime for flying the omnibus to St. Croix.

Biden’s hypocrisy on fighting climate change was also roasted, comparing his earlier sentiments to the act of polluting the environment to sign a bill laced with Green New Deal boondoggles.

“Not that I did anyway, but now I definitely won’t take the Biden Administration’s ‘green energy’ initiatives seriously,” tweeted Abigail Marone, press secretary for Sen. Josh Hawley, R-Mo. “They’re flying some paper to St. Croix because Biden couldn’t be bothered to sign it before going on a luxury vacation. C’mon man!”