Biden Fist Bumps w/ Murderous Saudi Thug, Grovels for Oil

(Mark PellinHeadline USA) Following in the obsequious footsteps of his former boss, President Joe Biden offered a jovial fist bump Friday to greet the murderous Saudi thug whose regime he swore to make a “pariah,” as he shamelessly begged for oil and came up empty.

On the last leg of his stumble across the Middle East, Biden powwowed with Saudi Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman, a vicious autocrat responsible for myriad atrocities, not the least of which was the 2018 torture and murder of Washington Post journalist Jamal Khashoggi.

The oil-groveling that Biden hoped could offset the skyrocketing cost of gas that his policies have sparked was an unmitigated failure, with Biden gaining no concessions from the Saudis, reported the Washington Times.

“I’m doing all I can to increase the supply for the United States of America, which I expect to happen,” Biden whimpered after his flop.

“It was a stunning concession from Mr. Biden, who handed Saudi Arabia a diplomatic win with the meeting without getting his main goal for the trip in return,” wrote the Examiner.

The kowtowing grotesqueness of Biden’s fist bump with a butcher of humanity, however, nearly overshadowed the disgrace of Biden’s groveling being rejected by the same butcher. The spectacularly gruesome optics took a particularly harsh pounding from the Washington Post, which slammed the giddy gesture.

“The fist bump between President Biden and Mohammed bin Salman was worse than a handshake–it was shameful,” wrote WaPo publisher Fred Ryan.

“It projected a level of intimacy and comfort that delivers to MBS the unwarranted redemption he has been desperately seeking.”

The administration’s far-leftist media acolytes tried their best to give Biden an out, blaming COVID for the fist bump.

The White House’s updated policy had the president bumping fists instead of shaking hands to “minimize contact” while overseas, contextualized Mississippi Free Press reporter Ashton Pittman. The updated policy apparently didn’t extend to smelling young girls’ hair or embracing and shaking hands with other foreign dignitaries.

While Biden’s fist bump with a butcher was widely condemned, the groveler-in-chief shrugged it off with a laugh.