Biden Energy Secretary: Americans Can Learn from China on Climate Policy

(Dmytro “Henry” AleksandrovHeadline USA) Energy Department Secretary Jennifer Granholm straight up lied about China wanting to implement green energy and then dared to say that the United States could learn from the communist dictatorship.

On Friday, during an interview with Wajahat Ali at the SXSW conference in Austin, Texas, Granholm said that she wants to push the U.S. toward “net zero by 2050” and added that China’s investments in green energy were “encouraging,” according to the Daily Wire.

Ali introduced the topic by stating that America and China should be accountable for not trying to implement communist anti-climate change policies and, therefore, according to him, damaging the world.

“How do we hold China and ourselves accountable for what we are doing around the world?” Ali said.

Granholm said that the far-left Biden administration was pushing countries around the world to adopt “aggressive” climate policies “to make sure that we don’t get climate — global warming happening over, you know, 1.5 degrees.”

She also said that some countries didn’t care about “saving the planet.” However, she doesn’t think that China belongs on that list.

“I think China has done — has been very sensitive, and has actually invested a lot in their solutions, to achieve their goals,” she lied.

“So we’re — we’re hopeful that… we can all learn from what China is doing,” she added. “The amount of money that they’re investing in clean energy is actually, you know, encouraging.”

People who oppose the so-called ‘green agenda” pointed out the stupidity of people who think that China cares about the so-called “climate change.”

“I find [it] utterly remarkable that Chairman Xi [Jinping] of China and the Chinese Communist Party gives a tinker’s damn about the planet’s climate or climate change,” Texas Public Policy officer Frank DeVore said. “It is merely a device to engage gullible Westerners into thinking that somehow we can get meaningful cooperation.”

It is true. While the communists in the United States push to limit energy from coal and gas, communists in China approve coal-fired power plant construction initiatives at six times the rate of every other nation combined, the Daily Wire reported.