Besieged Portland Businesses Invest in Armed Security and Bulletproof Vests

(Law Enforcement Today) As Law Enforcement Today has continuously reported, Portland, Oregon has been overrun with violent crime since defunding the police. 

Portland’s Mayor, Ted Wheeler, has recently said that more resources are needed to help combat the violence plaguing the once-beautiful city streets. 

In addition to the violent crime, and the fact that the police departments are already stretched thin, Antifa has now reportedly threatened to begin the chaos in the streets again, as Law Enforcement Today recently reported. 

With all of this taking place, business owners are taking measures into their own hands to help protect both their staff and their patrons, KATU reported. 

Multiple businesses have said that they have now purchased bulletproof vests for their staff, claiming this is the latest attempt to combat neighborhood violence.

Brad McCray, owner of the popular night club, Candy, located on NW Couch Street said this comes after a spike in foot traffic and Portland cutting back the police bureau’s entertainment district detail last year.

McCray has reportedly taken it a step further, and is now arming security and patting down every customer that walks in the door.

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