Bar Owner Pulls $3,700 Off Walls to Give to Unemployed Staff

(WSOCTV.com) A bar owner found an opportunity to give back to her unemployed staff during the coronavirus pandemic, and the inspiration was right in front of her face — and above her head — the entire time.

Jennifer Knox’s bar and restaurant, the Sand Bar — located in Tybee Island, Georgia — had to close its doors after officials put a mandatory stay-at-home order in place.

With tourists no longer flooding the bar, Knox’s employees were now out of a job.

As she sat in her empty bar at the end of March, Knox told CNN that she looked around and realized there was money stapled to the walls — money she could use to give her unemployed staff.

After the bills were taken down, it took about a week and a half to clean them off. $3,714 in stapled cash was collected, according to CNN.

After hearing about Knox’s act of kindness, a few customers chipped in to help. The bar owner was able to give $4,104 to her staff…

In the spirit of giving, one of the bartenders decided to donate her portion to another Tybee Island bartender. Knox wants to continue to give back to the small island’s service staff and is accepting donations.

If you are feeling moved to donate to Tybee service industry, including musicians… this is how! Thank you!!

Posted by Jennifer Knox on Tuesday, April 7, 2020

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