Are China-Style Social Credit Systems Underway?

(John RansomHeadline USA) David Sacks, founding chief operating officer of PayPal warned recently that the US already has in place all the requirements necessary to implement a social credit scheme that would punish people for behavior the government deems unsatisfactory.

Sacks told conservative pundit Glenn Beck that America already has laid the foundation by implementing the three criteria needed to follow China’s model:

  • Big Tech companies willing to play along with the government
  • Government-declared states of emergency that permit extra-legal punishment
  • A Homeland Security department that has declared “misinformation” to be terrorism

“So, we have now all the ingredients … politicians invoking fake state of emergencies,” said Sacks in the Beck interview. “You’ve got big tech companies shutting people out through the political system, and you’ve got this very scary and dangerous redefinition of terrorism to effectively apply to domestic political dissent.”

One need only look up north in Canada to see how it works, said Sacks recently.

Last week that Wall Street Journal warned that “Modern liberals can hurtle from extravagant tolerance to suppression without batting an eye.”

The WSJ editorial was in response to Canada’s prime minister, Justin Trudeau, refusing to lift the state of emergency he declared over the trucker blockade because other blockades could happen in the future—which emergency allows Trudeau to continue to punish truckers who are no longer protesting.

At the time Sacks denounced the freezing of truckers bank accounts by Canada without any supervision calling the idea “dystopian” according to the National Post.

“It’s a Western version of China’s social credit system that does not altogether prohibit political dissent but makes it so costly that it becomes impractical to the ordinary citizen,” Sacks wrote in a newsletter for Common Sense.

Sack quoted one trucker as saying it was similar to kicking people out of villages in medieval times and being left to die.

Recently Sacks was credited as being one of the Silicon Valley “billionaires” that helped bankroll the recall of the woke San Francisco school board members in February.

“PayPal CEO David Sacks—who has three children and opposes mask mandates and school closures—donated $75,000, and venture capitalist Garry Tan donated $26,000,” said the Daily Mail.

Most recently Sacks observed that anyone who questions going to war with Russia over Ukraine is decried by social media as a “Putin boot-licker,” another form of deplatforming.

“The Twitter purity spiral as applied to war: You signal your virtue by advocating greater escalation. If you raise any questions, you’re a Putin boot-licker. One-way ratchet to WWIII,” said Sacks via Twitter.