Ahead of All-Star Game, Campaign Targets MLB, Ticketmaster for Serving ‘Woke’ Politicians

(Consumers’ Research) Ahead of the MLB All -Star Game, Consumers’ Research launched the second phase in an ongoing campaign known as the Consumers First Initiative, a major “name and shame” campaign against corporations that try to distract attention from their corporate failures by playing woke politics.

The second phase of the ongoing campaign includes a seven figure ad buy with hard-hitting ads critical of Major League Baseball (MLB) and Ticketmaster for putting politics ahead of fans and customers. The ads will air nationally on cable and digital markets as well as local markets where the companies are headquartered.

The ads will run the week leading up to and during the MLB All-Star game which was controversially moved from Georgia earlier this year.

“MLB decided to play politics instead of ball, moving the All-Star game from Atlanta and parroting dishonest and partisan talking points, resulting in millions of dollars lost for many hardworking Americans,” said Will Hild, Executive Director of Consumers’ Research.

In addition to the MLB ad, the Ticketmaster ad will air at a critical time when music fans are beginning to see increased advertising around concerts and shows.

“Ticketmaster has been on our radar as they continue to increase service and convenience fees to almost half the actual ticket costs. Ticketmaster CEO Michael Rapino continued to make over a million dollars last year while the company held three rounds of layoffs, and the Justice Department cracked down on their parent company, Live Nation, with the strongest anti-trust action in decades,” said Hild.

“Ticketmaster also just agreed to pay a ten-million-dollar criminal fine for hacking their competitors. Instead of cozying up to woke politicians on issues they do not understand, they should focus on serving customers better, and competing in the market without committing felonies.”

Consumers’ Research initial launch successfully targeted corporations including American AirlinesCoca-Cola, and Nike by running weeklong ads criticizing the companies for putting woke politics over consumer interests.