11-Year-Old Boy to Run 100 Miles to Raise Money for Police Service Dog

(WWBT) An 11-year-old is using his passion for running to help raise money for the Colonial Heights Police Department to buy a new K9 officer.

Braxton Lee will run 100 miles between Feb. 20 and March 31 with a goal to raise $6,000 for the department.

“Braxton began his fundraising efforts for similar causes when he was six years old. To date, he has raised over $10,000 for fallen officers’ families across several fundraisers,” a release said.

Braxton will start his 100 miles with the Colonial Half Marathon in Williamsburg on Feb. 20 and finish by running 2.5 miles from Dunlop House Assisted Living & Memory Care to the Colonial Heights Police station on March 31.

Dunlop House is supporting his efforts and acting as a drop-off location for those who want to make a donation to Braxton’s efforts.

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Contributions may also be made online through Braxton’s GoFundMe page.  Donations are tax-deductible.  

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