11-Year-Old Boy Charged in String of Armed Robberies in DC

(InformationLiberation) An 11-year-old boy has been charged in connection with a string of armed robberies in Washington, DC and the media is portraying him as a victim.

From FOX 5 DC, “11-year-old DC boy arrested in connection with robbery, assault cases: police”:

An 11-year-old boy was arrested by D.C. Police and is facing charges in connection with at least three robbery and assault with a dangerous weapon offenses.

In one incident, the suspect allegedly tells the victim, “Give me your phone, or I’ll shoot you,” and, “Haha I got you,” later, according to a police report released on Tuesday.

However, police say the 11-year-old suspect still ended up robbing the victim.

All three incidents connected to this one child appear to have occurred within Northwest D.C.’s Park View neighborhood.

The boy was “charged with robbery while armed, assault with a dangerous weapon and robbery (fear),” NBC Washington reports.

Hilariously, Fox 5 DC actually interviewed multiple locals in a bid to portray the alleged robber as the victim:

One neighbor said she suspects no one had “loved” the boy, another lamented the prospect the kid would be “put in the system at a young age” without “a proper rehabilitation program” and another said the issue is “not just arresting these young people, it’s giving them something to do,” such as a “summer jobs program.”